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[Malaysia] Kia Sorento Speednavi Update 2020S version (Download Link)

Dear Naza Kia Sorento Owners, 

We are pleased to inform you that a new software and map update version 2020S version is available. 

Please click on the following for the Update Download Link (Zip File)
[Download] Naza Kia Sorento
[Download] Speednavi 4 User Manual

1. Retrieve SDCard from the Navigation Hardware. Backup your existing SDCard to a computer drive. 
2. Format the SDCard.
3. Unzip the newly downloaded update file to the SD Card. Please ensure Speednavi folder is at the main directory.
4. Obtain new software and License (Auth) key from the Speednavi website. Go to "My Speednavi", under "My registered product", click on the "More+" button. Click on the "Free" button.
5. Note down the new software and license(auth) key.
6. Insert the SDCard back to the Navigation Hardware and click on Navigation. Enter the new software and license key.

If you have any problem on the update process, please note down the Hardware (HW) Key shown at the start of the application, the Software (SW) Key on the user manual and your other details as below:

Name, Mobile Phone Number, Hardware Brand and Model, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Car Registration Number and email to customercare@mapit.com.my

We will check on the Hardware Key (HW) Key and proceed to support you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and valuable feedback on the map updates and software features. We shall continue to serve you better in the future.

Thank you

[Malaysia] MapIT Customer Care

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