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[Thailand] Notice of Old Navigation Models Discontinuation

Dear Valued Customers,


We regret to inform you that update service of some old navigation SW will be no longer available from the beginning of 2018.

Total 72 discontinued models are selected based on our internal regulations.


In regard to these discontinued models, we will support the update service until the end of 2017.

Please refer to corresponding models as below.



Allied Digits Nadict : ND-420
Allied Digits Nadict : ND-530S
Allied Digits Nadict : ND-350S
AOAP Alpine : NAVI-202
AOAP Alpine : PMD-B100E
AOAP Alpine : PND-B80E
AOAP Alpine : PND-B110EBT
AOAP Alpine : INA-W900
Zulex Zulex : D103
Zulex Zulex : 2-DIN Digital 07
Zulex Zulex : D106
Zulex Zulex : GPS07
Zulex Zulex : PR-3206G
Zulex Zulex : NV555
Cyberdict Besta : TA654
Cyberdict Besta : TA653
Cyberdict Besta : GPS Learner 7
Cyberdict Besta : GPS Learner7(SN3.1)
Dplus iFox : NV500
Dplus iFox : TVN53
Dplus iFox : NV431
E-lead Hyundai H1 : EL907
Inspire Mobile Mitsubishi : G9
KRAS Hannavi : P720
Music Extreme Selfnavi : CPND-4302S
Music Extreme Selfnavi : C5002A
Sony Thai Sony : NAV-67
Synnex Mio : C220
Synnex Mio : C520
Synnex Navman : F15
Synnex Navman : F25
Thai Samsung Electronics Samsung : Galaxy
Worldtech Worldtech : WT-GPS088
Worldtech Worldtech : SV-AVN500X
Sigma Auto VDO Dayton : PN7000
UST Sprint : SNV008
New Generation Supply NGS : DVT-780
New Generation Supply NGS : G380
New Generation Supply NGS : G680
Welfare Marketing RoadStar : DT-1230GPS
Welfare Marketing RoadStar : DG-6950GPS
Welfare Marketing RoadStar : DT-2340GPS
Cytech World Advanz : S3C2451B
Cytech World Advanz : Advanz FS1 3D
Cytech World Advanz : U200T
Cytech World Advanz : FS1
Grow Rich Leona : GPS520
Grow Rich Leona : GPS622
Touch Innovation Tomorrow IiTouch : MyWay 103N
Zonic Vision TUBE : TG430
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NAAV430
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NAAV350
Zonic Vision SmartGPS : DV430
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NAAV410
Zonic Vision Kamaz : Runz CI7100
Zonic Vision CASKA : D106
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NAAV460
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NAAV450
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NAAV520TV
Zonic Vision Kamaz : Move
Zonic Vision Kamaz : Volvo
Zonic Vision Coron : Coron 8883
Zonic Vision Kamaz : HD 3D
Zonic Vision Kamaz : D106-TSI
Zonic Vision CASKA : D107
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NBX700
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NAAV510
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NAAV380
Zonic Vision Kamaz : NAAV440M
Zonic Vision Coron : NAV-6000
Zonic Vision CASKA : K007



We appreciate your support for SpeedNavi and look forward to your continued interest in our navigation SW.

Also, we shall continue to serve you better products and service in the future.


If you have any question or concern regarding the discontinuation, please kindly contact your local CS.


Thank you for your understanding on this discontinuation.



SpeedNavi Team

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