Below are cautions when using Software SpeedNavi
Please read the cautions carefully prior to using the product.

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Map and guide of SpeedNavi program may differ from the actual conditions. Please consider the actual traffic conditions first when driving and follow traffic regulations. The program should be used as a reference when driving.

It is extremely dangerous to control the system and focus on the navigation screen while driving. Please make sure to operate the system when your vehicle is in a full-stop in a safe location. SpeedNavi program may be modified without prior notice for performance improvement purposes.

Upgrade on SpeedNavi program and map may change according to the company policy. If there is a change in the policy, the change will be notified in advance on the internet. SpeedNavi trademark and rights to map data are properties of Hyundai AutoEver and protected by copyright laws.

Copying, reproducing, and/or distributing SpeedNavi program without a prior written permission of Hyundai AutoEver Co., Ltd. is punishable by copyright law in the penalty of KRW50,000,000 or less and/or three years of imprisonment or less.

SpeedNavi’s safety zone guide DOES not include speeding camera detection. Please use the guide as a function of assisting safe driving of the driver. If there is a map matching error caused by unstable GPS reception, the guide may differ from the actual road conditions temporarily.

If there is a difference between the map and the actual road due to newly completed road or expansion, the guide may differ from the actual road conditions. In this case, accurate guide will resume from the interval where the actual road and the road on the map matches.

Distance guide may not match the actual distance at a crossroad depending on vehicle’s speed.

Entering elevated road or underpass may cause the distance guide to not match the actual distance due to the difference between the position of entry the driver and the position recognized by the map.

Converting the road shape to a digitized map may result in a digitized shape difference from the actual conditions. Therefore, navigation guide different from what the driver feels during the actual driving may be provided. In this case, please consider the actual road conditions and/or traffic regulations first.

Searched road or voice guide may differ from the actual conditions. When driving, please refer to actual traffic conditions and regulations for safe driving.

Cautions when driving

PDA must be installed in a position to not intervene with the driver’s sight.

Do not gaze at the PDA screen while driving to prevent accidents.

Operating PDA while driving may lead to accidents, please do not operate PDA while driving.

Entering bumpy road or sharp curve while driving may cause damages to the product. Please check the installation conditions of GPS receiver and PDA before driving. (Hyundai AutoEver Co., Ltd. is not responsible for product damages caused inside the vehicle in motion.)

Membership verification and product authentication

Please verify membership and authenticate your product prior to using SpeedNavi. Using SpeedNavi before receiving official authentication may prevent you from receiving proper customer support. Please purchase authentic product.

Software authentication (web authentication)
Software authentication is done in the following order : Install up-to-date software to your PDA and authenticate your product on PDA using Active sync.

Hardware authentication (lock authentication)
Software authentication allows for writing/copying of memory card. Memory can be selected without restriction. However, memory can only be used on authenticated PDAs. Memory can only be used on PDAs with authenticated serial number.

Lost serial (memory) cannot be reissued. If you lose LOCK memory card, you are responsible for repurchasing the software license of SpeedNavi.

If you change PDAs or have the main board replaced, please call +82 (0) 2 3483 8500 for a proper follow-up service.

SpeedNavi installation and upgrade

Upgrade schedule/contents of SpeedNavi may be modified according to the policy of Hyundai AutoEver Co., Ltd. SpeedNavi installation and upgrade are only available through the company website (http://www.speednavi.com) for the customers who have completed the membership verification process.

When upgrading SpeedNavi, user saved files are not automatically transferred and the settings are set to default. Please save important contents separately and configure settings properly. -> (contents deletion)

SpeedNavi does not support all Operating Systems. SpeedNavi may become incompatible with your Operating System after upgrade or modification. OS related matters are decided after testing performed for each OS by Hyundai AutoEver Co., Ltd.

There may be difference in functions and upgrade of SpeedNavi program depending on the product.

Warranty policies

SpeedNavi at the time of purchase is a version at the time of release and may not be the most recent version if upgrade has been completed during distribution period of the product. In this case, you can upgrade the product to most up-to-date version on the company website (http://www.speednavi.com) after membership verification and product authentication. Please refer to Customer Support -> Installation Manual on company website or call Customer Support Center (+82 (0) 2 3483 8500) for questions related to upgrade. If there is a problem with the product after purchase, please contact the store of purchase immediately to receive appropriate service.

Request for exchange of SpeedNavi products can be made at the store of purchase. Exchange policies follow the policies of the store where the product was purchased.

Warranty and exchange of SpeedNavi are processed/administered according to the policies of Hyundai AutoEver (http://www.speednavi.com)

Hyundai AutoEver Co., Ltd. is not responsible for the troubles caused by use of illegally altered products or products not officially released by Hyundai AutoEver Co., Ltd. (PDA, GPS, memory card).

Customer support cannot be provided for the products altered or disassembled by users.

About GPS

GPS (Global Positioning System) refers to a positioning artificial satellite, consisted of 24 satellite groups, developed by U.S. Department of Defense and joint-administered with U.S. Department of Transportation. (What we normally refer to as GPS is either GPS antenna or GPS receiver, these devices receive radio wave from the GPS satellite system and calculate current location of the user).

Using GPS allows the user to determine the current position of GPS receiver within approximately 10 meters of error interval. Until today, using GPS satellite is free of charge.

Even if GPS receiver is operating normally, GPS reception error may occur in the following circumstances.

When cold starting: When using the product for the first time after purchase or not using the product for three days or longer -> The receiver may not recognize current position for the duration of 5 – 30 minutes.

Using GPS indoors

When an object is placed on the GPS antenna.

If front window of the vehicle is coated with metallic material.

If a device which can interfere with the GPS signals is present in the vehicle (Ex: Certain types of remote starter/alarm, MP3/audio, camera alarm featuring GPS function and other types of GPS equipments)

When the vehicle is located under the bridge or overpass, or inside the tunnel or underground parking space.

When there are skyscrapers around the vehicle.

PDA replacement and PDA ID change

Replacing the PDA device or the main board may cause changes in PDA hardware number. In this case, previously used authentication number is no longer valid. Please contact Customer Support Center to follow appropriate procedures to resolve this issue.

When you receive main board replacement under warranty, please send the proof of warranty document to fax: +82 (0) 2 3483 8600.

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