To receive SPEEDNAVI map update service, your product must be authenticated first.
Please carefully read the below and authenticate your product.

New authentication
Authenticating for the first time after purchasing a SPEEDNAVI product
Re-authenticating after repair service or entering wrong serial number
Name Transfer
If the owner of a SPEEDNAVI product changes from a personal transaction.

Owner Chang

What is owner name change?

Owner name change is a set of procedures required when a user who purchased (received) the product equipped with SPEEDNAVI software from the original owner wishes to receive continued update and upgrade services.

How it works
Sing in with your ID/PW
You need to create an account if you do not have on
Go to Name Transfer Page
Go to product authentication page to change the owner of your product.
My SPEEDNAVI > Authentication > Name Transfer
Enter Serial Number
Go to owner change page then enter the serial number and information of the new owner (ID/Name).
SPEEDNAVI's serial number can be checked from the body of hardware or the sticker attached to the manual.
How to check the serial number
Name Transfer Successful
Once owner change is complete, completion screen will appear.
Registered product can be viewed from
My SPEEDNAVI > Authentication > My Hardware