To receive SPEEDNAVI map update service, your product must be authenticated first.
Please carefully read the below and authenticate your product.

New authentication
Authenticating for the first time after purchasing a SPEEDNAVI product.
Re-authenticating after repair service or entering wrong serial number
Name Transfer
If the owner of a SPEEDNAVI product changes from a personal transaction.


What is re-authentication?

Re-authentication is a set of procedures to be followed if the user entered wrong hardware (H/W) serial number when registering the product, or if hardware (H/W) serial number has been modified due to repair service. When you apply for re-authentication, the administrator will review the details and perform a set of procedures for approval to issue new authentication serial number to replace previously entered SPEEDNAVI (S/W) serial number and changed hardware (H/W) serial number.

How it works
Sing in with your ID/PW
You need to create an account if you do not have one
Go to Re-authentication Page
Go to re-authentication page to re-authenticate your product.
My SPEEDNAVI > Authentication > Re-authentication
Enter Serial Number
Go to re-authentication page then enter the serial numbers for S/W and hardware to re-authenticate your product. Enter your reason for re-authentication then press Confirm. SPEEDNAVI's serial number can be checked from the body of hardware or the sticker attached to the manual.
How to check the serial number
Re-authentication Request
Once re-authentication request is complete, completion screen will appear.
Proof document required after application
Please scan your repair service confirmation form then upload the digital format from the re-authentication page.(Re-authentication request details will be reviewed after your proof document is submitted.)