BI Introduction

Brand value of SPEEDNAVI refers to value shared with the customers.
We proudly introduce customer-oriented brand value of SPEEDNAVI uplifted with brand renewal.

Navigation Software for assisting easy driving of customers SPEEDNAVI features convenient functions to help customers enjoy easy driving environment and promises to deliver joy and excitement to your driving experience through continued product improvement. SPEEDNAVI incorporates accurate route guide, sophisticated design, and user-friendly technology and expertise in the navigation software to impress the customers.

  • Navigation software focusing on the navigation function
  • Customer-oriented navigation software designed for customer’s convenience

Brand Slogan

SPEEDNAVI embraces values designed to assist driving of the customers in a convenient, smart way and in pursue of creating the service to make customers happy. Easy Driving Navigation Sofrward SPEEDNAVI

Brand Logo

Logo type: The logo combines a road spreading SPEEDNAVI’s global competitiveness into bright future and the initial ‘S’. 마크이미지

* SPEEDNAVI’s brand logo is available for download.


Brand Color

SPEEDNAVI’s brand logo combines elegant black with vibrant orange to express professional yet convenient functions the product delivers.

Mark Color
PANTONE 130C : C0 M45 Y95 K0 , R245 G161 B0
PANTONE 130C : C0 M100 Y100 K0, R230 G0 B18
PANTONE Black C : C100 M100 Y100 K0, R0 G0 B0
SPEEDNAVI Text color
PANTONE Black C : C0 M45 Y95 K0, R34 G24 B21
Easy Driving Text color(gray)
PANTONE Cool Gray 10C : C0 M0 Y0 K80, R89 G87 B87
Easy Driving Text color(orange)
PANTONE 1375C : C0 M60 Y100 K0, R240 G130 B0

Brand Jingle

Easy Driving ! Brand Jingle represents comfort and friendly feeling.Please Click and Listen carefully.

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